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                            BEIXING REFRACTORIES CO., LTD (BRCC) and the P-D Refractories Group (PDR) have established  a long-term and exclusive sales alliance, cooperating in the fields of manufacturing, distribution and the further development of special refractory materials, such as silicon carbide (SiC), light weight insulation firebricks, carborundum ramming materials, high alumina castables and graphite products for the global aluminium industry.

                            Extensive long-term groundwork leading to this cooperation has now reached a synergy between the two companies, resulting in a synchronization of our quality control and R&D departments. By sharing our know-how, we can now assert that products from our Chinese partner are of the same high quality as of those our customers expect from the P-D Refractories Group.

                            Since November 20th 2018, marketing and the accountability for technical support and sales, have now been divided into regions: BRCC focusing their marketing activities mainly in China and a few outlying regions, PDR focusing worldwide, but excluding the above mentioned BRCC fields of operation.

                            This alliance allows us to provide our customers a complete package of refractory products for aluminium reduction cells, thus simplifying the tendering and ordering process for our customers and ultimately resulting in considerable cost reduction.

                            We are delighted to make this new announcement and are looking forward to our new joint venture.




                            经过长期的合作准备,我们通过同步质量控制部门和研发部门,实现了两家公司之间的协同效应。 通过P- D分享给我们的专有技术,现在可以说,我们提供的产品质量非常高,正如国外客户对P-D耐火材料集团的期望。




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